When we speak about SHIBUIA Collection, we immediately think about the alternative with our obsession with fast. It represents the perfect balance between contemporary style and traditional craft.

The SHIBUIAS chairs incorporate elements of traditional handmade cord weaving, which expresses the essence of Mediterranean feel, to a minimalistic aesthetics and functionality, approaching the artisan technique in a modern and original way.

The small imperfections make all the pieces slightly different because they’re proudly handmade in our workshop.


We are a Mallorca based independent design and manufacturing studio that offers projects inspired by the Mediterranean feel, adding a contemporary and eclectic approach to the traditional craft.

The history behind 2monos is all about ‘thinking with hands’, making a difference by altering frontiers in a creative, timeless and sustainable way, to create unique pieces or small series, always with our own language that goes beyond trends.

We manage the entire production process to create collection in a very small- scale production, executing every detail with the highest sharpness thus achieving uniqueness of each project and fleeing the industrial logic - which often sacrifices the emotional aspect- always leaving emotions to count.

Our work is marked by our devotion to a subtle, timeless and durable design based on compromise, on sensitivity in the choice of raw materials (choosing materials which age well: iron, wood, leather ...) and on commitment to sustainability (using natural and traditional treatments for a more sustainable form of production).

We are Nicoletta Mantoan (Italy) and Alejandro Dumon (Spain/France)