object as language

‘Object As Language’ an exhibition with Tablescape by Eeshaan Kashyap, featuring functional handmade objects and sculptures in diverse materiality, forms, and finishes. The debut solo of Tablescape by Eeshaan Kashyap curated by Farah Siddiqui and Natasha Mehta and presented in Mumbai with the generous support and collaboration of JSW Paints.

What does an object say to you? Certain objects hold secrets and whisper them only to their user. Your favourite object can be an heirloom, or newly purchased, but it holds meaning for you. Similarly we are attempting to use shape, material, colour and their application to these pieces, to speak to each other as well as you. We wish to communicate through what we surround ourselves with. Design cannot always be put into words, but it does evoke an emotion.

The exhibition is divided into four parts which are in conversation with each other.

The objects in the exhibition are harnessing the raw energy of wood, golden brass, woven bamboo and smoked terracotta to explore the concept of tribal tableware. These earthy shades stand out, instead of blending in, through their unusual application of materiality.

This leads up to a more minimal and pure aesthetic that combines Gandhian philosophy with Japanese simplicity. Here wood fired pottery is layered with paper wall art and raku ceramic sculptures.

Shapes are explored further through geometric structures which are inorganic in nature, but familiar since we see these forms repeatedly in our daily lives. A sphere comes alive as a resin candle stand, while sand cast metal shapes form totem poles and embroidered borders are reimagined on modern shawls.

The last section shows Eeshaan’s love of dreaming in colour, especially blue along with other shades in the spectrums. Ceramic plates add a dash of brightness to your day, on top of block printed table linen.

These different environments suggest aspects of our diverse lives. The four spaces invigorate each other and eventually merge into one surreal creative experience.