Pooled Reflections

In these changing times it is important to allow for moments of quietude to enjoy our close surroundings. Pooled Reflections invites us to contemplate and immerse ourselves in the captured environment contained in the object. The silver is recycled and carefully treated with a finish that gradually changes from highly reflective to soft satin - to pristine white. I find that working within restrictions often triggers creative solutions and ideas.

The first piece from this series has been conceived and made during lockdown at my home studio shed. It was part of Objects to Mark Time project by Sarah Myerscough Gallery, inviting artists to create an object dedicated to the moment, which memorialises our personal response to the current crisis.

Adi Toch

Adi Toch is a metal artist exploring the morphological qualities of vessels and objects around us. Her projects engage the viewer by sensorial interaction through play in perception, movement or investigation of embodied experience.

Beginning with a flat sheet, Toch forms and fabricates metal into delicate hollow objects. She creates unique visual language of metal through intricate surface marks, texturing and patination.

Toch comments that, ‘Vessels are an innate method of communication. They convey a story of gathering, holding, storing… not only do they surround us in our daily lives; they shape our perception of the world and the division between inside and out. The practice of making vessels enables me to work both with metal and space as materials, thereby redefining these borders.’

Toch’s work is exhibited internationally and included in major public collections such as the Victoria and Albert museum, Museum of London, National Museums Scotland and The Jewish Museum New York. Toch was a 2017 Loewe Craft Prize finalist and has won prestigious awards including The European Prize for Applied Arts 2018.