Lumbro | Pendant Lights

Celebrating the centenary of uruguayan main poetess Juana de Ibarbourou's Las Lenguas de Diamante was the starting point for a collection of furniture. The challenge was to materialise a piece of design not from something visual or physical, but instead from poetry. Shapes, colours, textures and materials where delineated from an interpretation, emotions and feelings.

“Lumbro” is a collection of pendant lights and flower holders that gives shape to “The Little Flame” poem.

The poem refers to the concept of love and passion between a man and a woman, translated into the figure of a warm flame. Straight lines in combination with the curves, are the means with which this design represents the essence of the man and the woman. The hardness and darkness of the burnt wood, in combination with the fragility and delicateness of the light rattan, made the perfect combination to represent the masculinity and the femininity.

Simplicity and elegancy are the main concepts hold in this design product. Light shaped in different forms is the protagonist in this lyric interpretation.

Lumbro is made with Duglas Fir wood, rattan fibres and bronze details. The collection is entirely produce Uruguay.

The Little Flame

I feel a savage's love for light
Every little flame delights and overwhelms me;
Might each light be a chalice collecting
The heat of souls who pass on their journey?

Some are tiny, blue, trembling,
Just like souls melancholy and good.
Others are nearly white: blazing Madonna lilies.
Others are nearly red: spirits of roses.

I respect and worship light as if it were
A living thing, something that feels, thinks,
A being who contemplates us, turning into blaze.

So, when I die, by your side
I shall be a small flame of infinite sweetness
In your long nights, my desolate lover

                                 Juana de Ibarbourou
                                 Uruguayan poetess (1892-1979)
The love between a man and a woman, interpreted by the poetess Juana de Ibarbourou, touched my soul in a very special moment of my personal emotional life.

I by myself made the rattan pieces in three long nights while my three children were asleep. It was an exhausng week in which I almost give up to the whole idea and of course desist to participate at the London Design Fair.

Once they were hung, they looked awesome! And I felt like it really worth every effort, every night awaked, and every tear spread.

It was a huge success! Every person that visited our booth was delighted with the lights!

Two of them are now hung at my house. They light up our dinner table. A place where during this quarantine my kids and I spent most of our time, like doing homework, playing games or just having our meals.

Carolina Palombo Píriz

Carolina Palombo Píriz, (born December 9th, 1978 Montevideo, Uruguay) is an architect and industrial designer.

Established her studio in 2007 and since then she is known for her wide range of designs, including furniture, houses, stores, household objects and small apartment buildings.

A'Design Award winner, Italy 2017

Her pieces of designs are now on sale in Uruguay, UK and Brazil.

Has participated in Design Junction 2017 and 2018, London, UK.

In 2019 has attended the London Design Fair, London UK.