Modern Matka

Brief - I have always been inspired by shapes and forms and wanted to create my modern interpretation of a traditional Indian form. We always talk about our heritage, craft and how to make it current for the lives that we live today, and this is an attempt to do that. The Matka will never go out of style since it’s a sculptural object with extreme practicality.

Utility of the Modern Matka – It can be used as a flower vase, water container, storage container, planter, artifact, sculpture, as well as just a beautiful object.

Why and how is it different – By adding the square to the base of the Matka, the need for a rope circular ring to hold a traditional Matka in place, has been eliminated. By incorporating the square base with a circular vessel on top, a new form has been created. There is balance to the matka and the round shape.

Materials used in the making – The Modern Matka will be made from clay, terracotta and other form of pottery, as well as stone and metal. Along with different materials, there will also be size variations as well as different finishes applied to the Modern Matka.

Eeshaan Kashyap

Eeshaan Kashyap is the founder and creative force behind Eeshaan Kashyap & Co. A multidisciplinary talent, Eeshaan uses food, beverage, design, photography, art, styling and social media to tell inspiring stories.

Eeshaan began his journey as a trained chef, graduating from the prestigious Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development in 2011, with specializations in Western Culinary Arts and Indian Coastal Cuisine. He quickly became one of the Oberoi Group’s youngest executive chefs, with residencies at the Oberoi Vrinda and the Trident in Kochi, and then at the Italian specialty restaurant Traventino, at The Oberoi, New Delhi.

During an exciting period of growth for the Indian restaurant industry, Eeshaan joined Pass Code Hospitality as Vice President and Partner, launching and heading operations and branding for award-winning boutique restaurants in Delhi, Goa and Kolkata. These include PCO, India’s first speakeasy-style cocktail bar; PDA, an intimate martini bar; private members’ club À Ta Maison; SAZ, an American brasserie; Ping’s Café Orient serving healthy Asian street food, and regional Indian powerhouse Jamun. Now a non-executive partner in these ventures, Eeshaan has become a much sought after hospitality consultant for others.

As a culinary designer and food stylist, Eeshaan’s style is effortlessly sophisticated while full of delight and surprise. His narrative approach to food and beverage incorporates a unique visual vocabulary and distinctive flair. Whether it’s as a curator of special occasions or as a bar concierge accelerating the diversification of India’s beverage scene, Eeshaan leaves an indelible signature on all his work.

Beyond his culinary curiosity, Eeshaan’s passionate interests in travel, photography, art and design have contributed to his eclectic vision. His own home in New Delhi has been covered in Architectural Digest India, where he is now a contributing editor. As a columnist and an industry consultant, Eeshaan is also emerging as an influencer through his Instagram page (@eeshankas), which captures his myriad interests and unique voice.

Based in New Delhi, Eeshaan is currently working on debut coffee-table book. Among other exciting new ventures. He has launched a limited-edition collection of handmade tableware and objects to share a piece of his tablescape with you.