Pen Collections

Being in confinement is being trapped with your own experiences.

My pen collections are not only part of my daily tools but also my past experiences. Collected during different travels and journeys, they hold memories of and continue a connection with the many museums I have visited around the world. The collection is also a manifestation of an obsession that has developed with the most simple item, but one that the most important tool for a designer to express him or herself.

I find that each pen has its own way of working with paper and developing ideas that are coordinated with the relationship of the body of the designer and that of the nature of the tool used in this exercise.

Being in confinement with my pens means I use them in different ways to express emotions that then become drawings. These drawings are often a starting point of crafting spaces or products: places and pieces of real and meaningful interactions.

Etienne Bastormagi

Etienne Bastormagi is a practicing architect, urban planner, product designer, founder of Studio Etienne Bastormagi and co-founder of product line Borgi Bastormagi.

Etienne holds a masters degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. After working in multinationals for 15 years, Etienne’s multidisciplinary experience includes working on product design, interiors and architectural projects.

Etienne has been a senior lecturer since 2007 at several academic institutions in Lebanon such as the American University of Beirut, Lebanese American University, and the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik.

Etienne’s works have been nominated for many awards, including the World Architecture Festival Awards in 2017, and have been featured in regional and international design media publications.