The MEHRGARH object was inspired by the MEHRGARH clay figurines in present day Pakistan. Mehrgarh is a Neolithic site, which lies on the Kachhi Plain of Balochistan.

Around the same period, in Ancient Japan Jōmon Pottery was being created, during the Jōmon period, which is now generally accepted to be the oldest pottery in Japan that is amongst the oldest in the world. I think that it is the power of an object that has a unique design, is simple, and has a strong sense of the culture of each country. I would like to continue to create new objects and create new cultures.

Kansai Noguchi

Founded in Tokyo, JAPAN in 2016, Kansai Noguchi Studio is a mid-century inspired pottery label dedicated to stylishly enhancing living spaces.

Kansai Noguchi Studio embraces bringing fine taste, functionality and perfection to the houses, dining of everyday people.

In 2013, Noguchi moved to New York to study music. After that time, he returned to Japan to interact with the world's art and become an artist. Under the sculptor of Kanagawa he perfected the study of iron sculpture as an object. After that, he studied as a research student in a pottery studio. Noguchi has held several solo exhibitions mainly in Tokyo.