Carved Gourd

I keep this carved gourd on my fireplace mantle. It is tiny – only about 3 inches high -- which makes the detailed engraving on the curved surface all the more remarkable. It was given to me by the artist, Delia Poma Osores. I love the fact that she signed it on the bottom and included where it was made. In the same room, on the opposite wall, hangs a large framed lithograph print, also made by Osores. She took the same incising technique and applied it to a two-dimensional surface, creating a totally different – but equally amazing -- work of art. I have drawn so many lessons from Osores’ work. I love its intricacy. I love how scale can totally change how a work is viewed and perceived.

Leah Kaplan

Based in Philadelphia, ceramic artist Leah Kaplan explores movement, texture and translucency through sculptural forms. Her signature porcelain vessels blend fluidity with minimalism, belying intricate construction that beckons viewers to take a closer look. Light also transforms Leah’s work, casting shadows and setting surfaces aglow, as it illuminates her pieces.

Leah draws inspiration from architecture and the natural world, as well as other craft mediums. The latter influence grew out of her years helping artisans preserve their artistic heritages and find markets for their work. In that role, Leah was fortunate to meet craftspeople making extraordinary objects using time-honored techniques and materials, an experience that continues to inform Leah’s artistic practice decades later.