Stone Pendant

A simple stone in a gold bezel is an object I cherish. The stone has a unique history. It was found on Cormorant Island, off the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The beach it was collected on is known for the migration of Orca whales that rub themselves to remove dead skin cells and algae on the pebbled shore . I wear this pendant everyday as a touchstone reminding me of my roots and connection to the sea. When I travel it is my good luck charm and brings my mind back to the Pacific Northwest. The piece was made and designed by Kate Barazzoul.

Lisa Turner

Lisa Turner’s practice is inspired by the natural environment and its relationship with our interior world. Turner founded Quake Studio in 2013, with a vision to provoke intellectual and visual curiosity by synthesizing organic forms with industrial design.

Working with a variety of locally sourced materials, including steel, cedar, marble and aluminum, her practice reinterprets natural occurring formations and histories into sculptural functional objects.

Her work has been collected by the Canadian Government and private collectors in Canada and the USA.

Turner has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia and Interior Design Degree from Humber College, Etobicoke, Ontario. She practiced commercial and residential interior design for 25 years before founding Quake Studio to create a venue for her art practice.

Turner lives and works in Vancouver, BC