Light Bulbs Nº 4

These objects (Light Bulbs) are such a basic technology that is almost too simple, the principle is not complicated; electric current through a filament making it hot - hot things emit light, hence the glow.

Higher the temperature, more white light is emitted and the more intense is the glow (the object),

This light is called “blackbody radiation” and this colour spectrum of light does not depend on the kind of material being heated, just its temperature. This spectrum, surprisingly, is very difficult to explain. Max Planck was the first to find it out, but he had to use a mathematical trick assigning a characteristic energy to the light-emitting material that depended on the frequency of the light.

After him Einstein used his idea to explain the photoelectric effect introducing us to what we call photons.

This all is to say that the simple incandescent light bulb led us to the beautiful (and weird) quantum mechanics, well... and quantum mechanics.

Marcelo Stefanovicz

Marcelo Stefanovicz is a designer and visual artist, working and residing in São Paulo, Brazil. Self-Taught, he has taken on multiple different career roles with work that includes experimental videos, stamping, photo montage, sculpture, paintings and drawings, visual arts as well as experimental and product design. His work exudes elements of humour and surprise in an aesthetic that leads to agglomeration and deconstruction as one of his vehicles.