Sisters Collection 3

Pepa has ability to both switch between and fuse many mediums lends her work substance and a fascinating depth. Her work is thought provoking, it can be hard hitting with a distinct social message, or at times, ethereal and delicate and others exuberantly joyful, with a fierce, feminine energy. Her "Sisters Collection" of female heads, combines elegant, sculptural forms and delicately rendered finishes that pay tribute to women from all cultures. Named for female artists and activists; Louise Bourgeois, Frida Khalo, Helen Frankenthaler and Clara Campoamor, it represents many of the key themes of Pepa’s work, each piece begins as a sketch, then a painting, before being realised as sculptural vase, a process that allows her to experiment along the way and to explore the multiple meanings that the ‘Sisters’ represent in both form and significance.

Creativity with purpose is what motivates her explorations with colour and form, creating a mood, invoking a memory or stirring an emotional reaction as important as function. She captures the spontaneity and enthusiasm that is usually lost past childhood, maintaining a fresh, open minded approach to each new project. Her studio is a place of joyful creativity where she continues to work across several mediums and disciplines and with the brands, companies and collaborators that move and inspire her.

Pepa Reverter

Pepa Reverter is an endlessly curious artist, who is constantly seeking new ways to make sense of the world around her. She wants to live in a kinder, better world, so consciously creates work that inspire us to do so. She graduated in print making, at the Llotja school of applied arts, followed, by a degree at the Barcelona faculty of fine art, and eventually a Masters’ degree in video and TV production at the Universitat Politècnica, Barcelona. An academic exploration from some of the oldest forms of communication to the most modern, a journey linked by the timeless need to make sense of the world through art and stories. Along the way she was fortunate to study under some of the great masters ; working for Jaume Coscuella and Magí Baleta, engravers of the work of Joan Miró, Jaume Plensa, Xavier Grau and Garcia Sevilla.

She has worked across many mediums as a visual artist, illustrator, designer, ceramicist, professor, photographer, videographer. Amongst her many professional posts; working at TV3, illustrating for the International Herald Tribune, designing ceramic pieces for Bosa, design for BD Barcelona and many other roles in between. She frequently collaborates with her partner, the Creative Director Ramón Ubeda with whom she created their shared studio in the @22 district of Barcelona.