In our living room we have three stones and a few more in trays and drawers around the house.
We find and pick them on our trips abroad.
We do not know exactly why we collect them, perhaps it is a way to retain a moment, a memory?
An instinct created from the beginning of our existence?
The truth is that all of us at some point have collected stones from the beach, it is a mysterious attraction.
The stones are objects of beauty, formed by years of erosion, a natural evolution that creates a perfect balance, proportion and form, somehow they project a powerful energy, their weight explains gravity and reminds us that our existence is transitory.
Surrounding ourselves with natural elements is crucial for inspiration and well being.

Jordi Veciana & Skye Maunsell

Based in Barcelona, Skye Maunsell Studio works on a wide range of international and local projects, from private residences to commercial spaces and product design.

British-born founder and architectural interior designer Skye Maunsell believes in merging existing contexts with impactful design solutions to create functional spaces that are elegant in their simplicity.

At the heart of the studio’s philosophy is a deep respect for nature and art, and how these interact with our everyday lives. Thus, top-quality noble materials are used whenever possible, helping to evoke a strong sense of timelessness in the finished products and spaces. Typically, the focus is to honour the heritage of each environment, resulting in truly authentic designs that leave a lasting impression and simultaneously instill a sense of calm and comfort to those who encounter them.

Industrial Designer based in Barcelona, focused in Lighting, Product Design and Architecture, Jordi Veciana earned his degree in Barcelona but worked for designers like Massimo Vignelli and Ralph Lauren while living in New York at the beginning of his career. In 1998, he opened his own studio in Barcelona focusing on Lighting Design, Hospitality and Retail Design. In July 2017, Jordi Veciana and Skye Maunsell founded Montoya, a professional nexus and network for creative communities. Since then, both collaborate in projects focused on Lighting Design, Interior Design and Architecture.