This sculpture is something I can’t let go. I made it early in the years I started to work in basketry and it holds a place in time for me.

I have moved away from working in this medium a few years ago and most of these pieces have sold, but when I am asked if I am willing to sell it, a sadness pops up and I just can’t do it. It represents the love I have for living in Los Angeles. My home looks out to the mountains and this piece reminds me of the beauty of California.

I started working in clay in 2008, at a time when there was a lot of change and uncertainty. I had closed a business I had for 10 years and had no idea what my future would be. I started to experiment with mixed media and developed a way of working with clay and basketry using negative space and tension to create sculptures that were both strong and soft. Some of them were a way to complete broken vessels and some just went off on their own way, like this piece.

I was not conscious of the end shape or had any idea where it was going, but it ended up here and I love it.

Tracy Wilkinson

Tracy Wilkinson is a British artist, living and working in the Mount Washington area of Los Angeles.

Born in Yorkshire, in the north of England, she received her Masters Degree from the Royal College of Art in London.

Wilkinson moved to New York initially and worked in the fashion industry before relocating to Los Angeles, where she launched her own collection, Mon Petit Oiseau. After 10 years, she closed the company and embarked on a new direction in ceramics.

She has been featured in Monocle magazine, Elle Japan, The Times of London, the LA Times and Vogue Germany.