Metal Vessel, France

What I like about this object is that one can wonder what happened to it. It can almost tell a story and that is how, for me, the object comes to life.

In my opinion, life can be brought into an object because one can still see it is made by humans and human beings can make mistakes. I like when something is not completely perfect, It gives it more value for me personally.

I’m searching for the odd one out of the pieces where I can still wonder about them. I chose this object because its shape changed over time. This leaves me to ponder on their journey.

Willem van Hooff

My name is Willem van Hooff, 27 years designer based in Eindhoven. I’m a driven builder, were I like to see design as my tool to express and remember stories. I’m fascinated how objects, buildings or traditions can capture stories. My stories always comes from my interest in history, the start of all my design projects. I like to work with these old stories, techniques, cultures and give them new life in contemporary products.

I feel the need to bring more freedom and joy back in making. I think this is lacking A sertain form of imperfection, joy and traditions. which are not based on our consumerism world.