Mistone Side Table

This project is inspired by nature. Due to the long time city lockdown and studio shut down, such a situation allows me to turn to the outdoor, spend more time to feel the nature than ever before. Especially, the mist gives me a lot of peace in the early morning, when I used to practice mediation. That's the reason why this project is more focus on the version language from nature, and mainly grab the random textural from the mist.

Mistone side table collection celebrates the mist beauty and diversity of marble. The Mistone marble side table perfectly combines artificial processing with the natural beauty of the marble itself to create a misty sensation. The column leg section of the side table makes the transitional change of light and shadow more subtle and vivid in the mist.

It uses silver marble and artificial sand blasting to incorporate the uncertainty of human touch into the marble texture that also has the random beauty. A natural transition from roughness to smoothness is also formed on the touch.

Zhekai Zhang

Zhekai Zhang is a young product designer dedicated to bringing new insights into home products with innovative processes and sustainable materials. My philosophy is to develop unique design languages from the perspective of the relationship between fundamental industrial production and craftsmanship.

My design practice is carried with emotions, blending the exploration of handcrafts with the experimental making process, taking everyday materials and reinterpreting them with a contemporary flair.