The Rattan Pillow Duster

I’ve always been keen on traditional everyday life objects. They normally have developed themselves to their final form according to usability and a tender sense of aesthetics. They are not designed by anyone but rather a communal creation in a long timeline. The rattan pillow duster is an inspiring example of this. I get fascinated about the continuity of the material and the simple forms that are yet so complex. The material forms the beautiful balance between purpose and appearance.

Klaus Aalto

Aalto+Aalto is a Helsinki-based design office working with products, spaces and exhibitions. Their aim is to create special everyday objects with a strong identity and story. They are inspired by time-tested old techniques, all kinds of factories and flea markets. Their special skill is managing to make things which are imaginative and different but still simple and timeless. Their work has been widely exhibited, is included in the collections of the Design museum in Helsinki and in Quebec and has been awarded the iF golden product design award. Aalto+Aalto are Elina Aalto and Klaus Aalto.